About Me

Hi Friends! My name is Renae Cummins and I am a Plantbased Mumma!

I live at the Gold Coast with my husband Sam and our 4 year old son Austin and we enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Sam and I have been vegan for just over 5 years now and Austin has been vegan from birth.

Plantbased Mumma started as an Instagram account a few years ago mainly to show friends and family we were okay and not just eating lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it grew into much more than that and I have been able to connect with so many like minded people from all over the world which has been an unexpected blessing.

Our journey into a wholefood plantbased diet has led us on an exciting journey to learn more about holistic health as well as being the catalyst for some unexpected areas of personal growth. We are always wanting to learn more about how we can fuel our bodies in the best possible way and we strive to live a more natural lifestyle each and every day.

As a mother my main focus is raising a compassionate, kind and conscious, child, putting love and effort into building a loving a resilient relationship with my husband and truly connecting with others in a world that makes connection so easy it almost becomes hard.

On this blog you will find a few different topics that align with my current passions as well as my background in psychology and early childhood teaching.  Overall it will centre on my family’s lifestyle and how we live in a world where “mainstream isn’t our stream of choice”.

I am far from perfect, but I would love to spend some time sharing my life with you all and would love nothing more than to build a community of like minded individuals who can discuss the things that are going to make us better tomorrow than we were today.

If any or all of this resonates with you I hope you stay a while and enjoy.