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Why I use essential oils

After having Austin I became very aware of what I was bringing into our home, cleaning products especially were on the top of that list. As any protective mumma bear I didn’t want to put anything that could be harmful near or on my precious baby’s skin.

At the time (4 years ago) I found it extremely hard to find products with ingredients I was happy with but also it was hard to find products that WORKED!  It wasn’t until Austin was older that I was introduced to Young Living and I got to experience the magic of essential oils for myself. I was weary but I was also willing to try anything and jumped into truly detoxing our lives and of course I was extremely impressed.

I now use essential oils as my natural first aid kit as well as for emotional and hormonal support and amazingly also to clean my whole house. Essential oils have made it possible for us to detox our house and feel confident in what we are using throughout our home. Young Living is not only essential oils but a whole range of products from soap to new non toxic mineral make up you can check out some of the other products here.  

I can now be sure that I am doing the best for my family and not bringing in toxic and harmful chemicals.

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