What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are made from plants!

Oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed from the plants to ensure all the important therapeutic and health-giving constituents of the plant/oil remain intact.

Through low-heat slow-steam distillation the molecules that make up essential oils become highly concentrated. They are so tiny that when we apply a drop of oil to our skin that oil is absorbed immediately and gets to work!

22 seconds – the molecules reach the brain

2 minutes – they can be found in the blood stream

20 minutes – they will affect every cell in the body

Essential oils have been used in various forms for over 5000 years! And today we use them not only to make our homes smell amazing but also to help keep us above the “wellness line” in the most natural way possible.

Being vegan I am no stranger to the power of plants. I saw it first hand when I changed my diet over 5 years ago and have now experienced it once again since using essential oils.