Why Young Living?

Did you know that essential oil companies can still label their bottles as 100% therapeutic grade essential oil even when the bottle has less than 20% actual essential oil in there? Yes it’s true!

Young Living is not only the oldest essential oil company in the world but it’s also the ONLY company that own their own farms.

There are a lot of essential oil companies out there, so how do you know which is the best? And why can’t you just buy your oils from down at the Health food store? Aren’t they all the same thing? The simple answer to that is – no.

I didn’t realise when I started my journey into essential oils that bottles labelled “100% therapeutic grade – Lavender Essential Oil” didn’t in fact mean that there was only pure lavender oil in that bottle. Shocked? I was. 

Young Living have something called the Seed to Seal guarantee which is exactly what it sounds like. They have complete control from the moment the seed is chosen to be planted into virgin soil right up to the time the lid is put on the bottle (above and beyond organic standards). Being the only essential oil company that owns their own farms means they are the ONLY COMPANY that can guarantee what they say on the bottle is what is actually inside the bottle. It ensures that their oils are always pure, authentic and not watered down.

For this reason I trust Young Living 100% with my family’s health and wellness and I wouldn’t use any other brand.