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So this post has been a long time coming because I often get asked what oils my husband Sam uses. People aren’t surprised that I use oils daily and in many aspects of my life but some are a little more surprised my husband is SO into the lifestyle as well.

I often find that women are much more open to the idea of using oils to help their family’s wellness and husbands/boyfriends/partners are often more sceptical. And I have to say that Sam was the same, he wasn’t sure about this oily lifestyle, but where I got lucky with Sam is that he’s always been very open to new things. He is always willing to try anything to see if it works and this is also how we became vegan long ago. He tried it and felt so amazing he never looked back. The same has happened with oils. Sam started using them for very basic things (sleep, head tension, joint discomfort after working out) and just like that he was converted because guess what – they work!

I wanted to write just a short blog on what my oily husband uses each day so you can get a better idea of how these oils are for everyone – male and female alike. This isn’t a girlie thing to make your house smell pretty. I mean they will make your home smell amazing but they have wonderful therapeutic benefits as well and there isn’t a male or female on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from them.

The following is an oily day in the life of Sam 🙂

Sam gets up much earlier than me (read about 4 hours earlier….) to travel to Brisbane for work. And before he has even walked out the door he uses the following Young Living products:

  • Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste + Orange Essential Oil (for teeth whitening)
  • Shutran Beard Oil – smells amazing (get your men onto this…for you..haha) it also makes his beard so soft and silky
  • Mountain Mint Deodorant – aluminium free – and YES their deodorants work for men as well
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – pop of fresh breath (this is used in place of chewing gum or mints)
  • Cinnamint Lipbalm – especially now it’s coming into winter and is very windy here. Cinnamint smells exactly how  you would imagine so it isn’t a floral or fruity scent = great for men and women (it’s also my favourite)
  • Ningxia Red – this is a super high antioxidant drink that our whole family has a shot of daily. We find out level of wellness is so much higher when we are taking it daily. Sam will have a shot (60mls) before work to support his immune system as he works in a busy office and travels on public transport and also to keep his energy high throughout the day.
  • Cologne; Sam doesn’t use any aftershave or cologne now (many of the scents on the market are extemely toxic and contain ingredients that are not only damaging to our respiratory system and skin but also hormone disruptors – not something you want to be spray all over yourself every single day!) Sam will often use one of the following as a cologne replacement – Shutran, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce or Sacred Frankincense
  • Breakfast – oats with Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (only 1 drop! also great if you are lacking energy and the get up and go in the morning)

Once Sam is out the door he has a little oils case he packs in his bag to keep his oils with him on the go (I was very excited when he asked for one like mine! It holds up to 16 oils and is black not floral..haha) and keeps the oils safe whether in his work or gym bag.  Sam enjoys working out and he has found the following Young Living products very useful;

  • RC Essential Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil– respiratory support, he either inhales these from the bottle or puts a tiny bit under his nose and on his chest to aid his breathing before a run or work out.
  • Nitro (not available in Aus) – this antioxidant shot gives a boost of energy without the high caffine content. Sam no longer drinks coffee but Nitro does have some caffine derived from green tea. He describes the feeling as having splashed ice cold water on your face with a high similar to coffee without the high high and inevitable crash. Even energy throughout the day.
  • Cool Azul Gel: to rub on sore muscles
  • Panaway Essential Oil or Deep Relief (when needed) for acute discomforts
  • Ningxia Red: at times Sam will take a pouch of Ningxia to work to add to water and sip on in the afternoon.
  • Lemon Essential Oil or other citrus oil in water to aid detoxification

Other products our whole family uses and Sam has switched over to are:

  • Obviously he loves the diffuser and often creates his own blends for the diffusers in our bedrooms and living room depending on our needs (relaxation, energy or sleep)
  • Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Thieves bar soap – Sam takes this to work to use when showering after a working out
  • Thieves Mouthwash – also great to gargle in the Winter months!
  • Mint Facial Scrub
  • Body Wash – whichever we are using – currently Sensation that came free as a promo this month!
  • Cleaning with Thieves Household Cleaner and washing up with Thieves Dish Soap

As you can see Young Living is most definitely a lifestyle and one Sam has also fully embraced (using well over 20 products daily). As a family we are extremely committed to detoxing our home and using the cleanest products available so Young Living has been a blessing for us.

Men (and humans in general) can be very stuck in their ways, we like to use the same things we have always used or things our parents used but in the world we live in today we need to be truth seekers and doing our own research to really find out what we are putting on and into our bodies. It’s worth switching out these every day products for the health and safety of our family.

I hope this information helps to see where you could start introducing oils to the men in your life and enjoying the wellness that Young Living products naturally give. Get those men to ditch the energy drinks, tiger balm, aluminium filled deodorants and toxic colognes etc and switch to a more natural way that works!

xxx R

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I also have a video on the oils in the starter kit you can watch here.


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