Practical Shape Sorting

One of the skills children come to quite naturally early on is sorting, whether it be sorting by colour, shape, size or length.  A lot of children will start sorting things by colour before the concept of “sorting” has even been mentioned. We play around with grouping and sorting a lot now that Austin is 4 and a lot of the time we use the same materials and sort them in different ways multiple times (e.g we sorted his animal memory cards into “herbivores vs carnivores” as well as “two legs vs four legs” etc).

I love this activity below because again it uses things you already have laying around the house and is so very simple to put together.

Firstly draw some shapes on pieces of paper, I used Rectangle, Square, Circle & Triangle. Then fill a large basket or container with objects from around the house that are one of those shapes (tambourine, DVD case, book, plate, toy etc).

Place the basket in the middle and the paper around the outside.

Austin loved sorted the objects and then went to find more than would fit in the categories.

This could also be made into a timed treasure hunt much like the Colour Hunt activity.  And similarly you can see which shape “wins” by counting how many objects were that shape, for older kids this activity could lead into making a tally to present the findings.

Hope you’re having a beautiful day with your little ones and hope you like this simple sorting activity x


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