The road to perfect skin

I am often told I have great skin and to be honest I think 90% is genetics and my Italian heritage that blessed me, however it wasn’t always this way.

Growing up my skin was perfect, even in high school when others battled with pimples and acne my skin stayed clear with the occasional pimple or blemish. And as is usually the case at that age I totally took this for granted….

At around 27 all of a sudden with no change to my skincare or diet I started to break out – not a blemish here and there – full blown cystic acne. My cheeks were covered with huge pimples to the point that even sleeping with my face on the side was painful.

Of course I tried it all, I researched and found some different natural remedies said to help – apple cider vinegar, tea tree essential oil and I also tried different cleansers, creams and facials; nothing was helping and as my skin got progressively worse my self esteem plummeted. I didn’t want to go out or be seen. In some ways having had great skin for so long made this feel even worse! Everyone was used to seeing me with clear skin so the look on their faces when they saw me (even if they said nothing) would say it all.

Heading off to the dermatologist was my final option and I went in so hopeful – he would have to have the answers.  To say I came out disappointed would be an understatement. His answer to my problems = Oratane; a super harsh medication with a myriad of awful side effects. The important questions to decide whether or not I could go on the drug such as “are you planning on having a baby anytime soon?” were pretty big indicators that this drug was not something I wanted to have in my body.

After hearing this I had one question – what had CAUSED this? Why was it that one day I had beautiful clear skin and the next…this…? His answer – “sometimes these things happen to women in their mid to late 20’s, it’s hormonal”…. I’m sorry what??? That’s it? It was the longer drawn out version of “shit happens” and not knowing what else to do and with more questions than I had walked in with I walked out with my prescription.

My side effects ranged from extremely achy legs and headaches to itchy skin and dry eyes. None of it was pleasant but of course my skin cleared. At no point during my appointment with the dermatologist was I asked about my diet and since then a lot has changed.

Cutting dairy out of my diet I believe has had a huge impact on my overall health and the health of my skin and also more recently I have become acutely aware of all the products/make up I am using and the ingredients that may be having a negative impact on my skin. Since switching out these products my skin has never been happier and moving into my mid-late 30’s I feel my skin looks better than ever. I want it to look like this for as long as possible so you bet I’ll be doing all I can to take care of it.

So what’s my current routine (it’s nothing fancy or time consuming)…here it is,

Morning Routine

Wash my face with cold water (very important step – mainly just to wake me up….)

Art Light Moisturiser (this is a great moisturiser to wear under make up or on a fresh face around the house, it gives enough moisture that your face feels hydrated but it is not heavy or greasy – perfect all day option)

And then, Savvy Minerals Make Up,

I choose this make up for many different reasons but the top is that it’s infused with the worlds greatest essential oils. It glides onto my skin, and my skin looks better since using it. I feel that it is feeding my skin all the good stuff during the day as opposed to other make up brands that I felt were stripping my skin and blocking my pores.

Savvy Mineral make up contains:

  • no talc
  • no bismuth
  • no parabens
  • no phthalates
  • no gluten
  • no synthetic dyes, fragrances or colourants

My everyday make up routine includes:

  1. Foundation: Warm 2
  2. Contouring: Dark 3 & Cool 1
  3. Bronzer: Crowned All Over
  4. Blush: I Do Believe You’re Blushin’ + Misting spray (LOVE THIS PRODUCT)
  5. Eyebrows/Eyeliner: Multitasker

And I’m out the door!

Night Routine

First I wash my face with Orange Blossom Face Wash. Not only does this product smell amazing but you only need the smallest bit to foam up on your face so the bottle lasts forever! I love that it makes my skin feel clean but not stripped (in a squeaky way…if you know what I mean?).  I then have a bottle of Frankincense that I keep in my bathroom with a rollerball fitment on top, I roll this across my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck and rub it in upward strokes concentrating on any wrinkle areas. Finally I dab on a little bit of Wolfberry Eye Cream before I go to bed to ensure I don’t wake up with bags under my eyes in the morning.

Then there are the things I do sometimes (read: when I can be bothered). I use the ART toner (after cleansing some nights). Also once a week I use the Satin Mint Face Scrub – this is like a facial/spa in a tube. It’s gentle but it gives a deep clean and I’ll often do this on days that I take Austin to the park or just out all day.

Once a month I also do a Bentonite Clay mask (1 Tbs Bentonite clay + 3 drops Purification or Frankincense essential oil + filtered water to foam a thin paste). Spread this all over your face and go and binge watch some Netflix or read a chapter of your book. Let it dry and start to crack on your face *note: you will feel like your skin is being sucked from your face, this is a GOOD thing, it is drawing out the toxins and impurities. When the mask is fully dry (or you can’t stand the feeling anymore), gentle wipe off the mask with a warm washer. Depending on your skin you may be bright red at this point – DON’T FREAK OUT! Your skin will go back to it’s original colour in no time (this is why it’s best to do this mask before bed).

For the odd blemish I use Melrose Essential Oil, this blend has Tea Tree in it but also lots of other great skin oils and I find this works best for my skin type and any “friends” who may pop up. I also use Progessence Plus serum and Endoflex Essential Oil blend to help with hormone support which has helped on so many levels but I believe also has been a major player in why my skin looks the way it does currently.

Now in my 30’s taking care of my skin has become very important to me and I encourage you no matter what age you are to take control of your skin. Eat foods high in antioxidants for anti-ageing (such as Ningxia Red), cut out dairy and all the hormones that come with it, minimise processed foods and use your essential oils and essential oil infused products/make up to promote healthy vibrant looking skin. Skip the band-aid solutions and take care of your skin by taking care of yourself from the inside out.


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